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Desert safari Very good experience, would highly recommend, drive there was very good, good day out for the family and friends, ????????????
callum h
callum h
Excellent Experience Kamran was excellent start to finish, made me and my partner feel welcome and very informative and ensured we made the most of the experience. Provided us with lots of facts and information. Highly recommended Kamran. Thankyou!
Habiba K
Habiba K
Not recommended... rushed experience We had the tour on Dec 31 and honestly we felt like everything after dunes bashing was rushed. Ahmed was our guide. We reached the camp and were just taking some photos, and suddenly came to know that dance performances have started. We had to change the Arabian dress and rush for dances. Then everything was so mismanaged after this.. Our seating was not good, and we had to change our seats. Food was announced in between and we couldnt even see the second dance properly as everyone just stood up and blocked our view. Even we were rushed to finish fast as the program ended early for new year. We asked you before if anything will be rushed and you said it should be ok. But this was a rushed experience for us.We came to know that the evening program was cut down for the new year eve. If you would have told us this honestly, we could have booked for 1st Jan instead.. Right?But we felt that this experience was not worth what we paid you. This is such a shame as were promised a decent show and you should have told us that new years eve will impact it. You asked us to pay 800 AED for two people which was super expensive for what was offered.
buggy and saffari camp amazing expérience Good organisation desert camp was very cool with food and chicha the ride in the sand was very cool too
Lucas J
Lucas J
Tiger was Amazing! Tiger was amazing was such a good experience would highly recommend. The dive bashing and buggy ride was very memorable!
Amit R
Amit R
Amazing experience Tiger was Brilliant! Amazing services and a memorable experience all round!!!! We were given time to take memorable photos and we enjoyed the whole experience!!! Such a great booking!!!
Mita P
Mita P
Best guide ever!!! Tiger our tour guide was one of the best. For correct reasons he is called TIGER of the Dunes. Had an amazing time. Definitely ask for him in particular.
vishavjot s
vishavjot s
10/10 experience Tiger was amazing! We had the best time today. The quad biking and dune bashing was so much fun. Would highly recommend.
Lucy S
Lucy S
Amazing experience Tiger is the best driver I've ever seen!!! This adventure made my experience so special ! Anyone who wants to try dune bashing definately look for tiger!!
Jihyun K
Jihyun K
Amazing ???? Tiger is the best driver!!! I enjoyed it so much!! It was amazing experience. i definetely recommend this tour to anyone that comes to dubai!!

Desert Adventure Safaris


Desert Safari Dubai

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Royal Luxury Arabian Desert Safari

Stand out from the crowd. Enter the next level luxury with this tour.

Morning Desert Safari

VIP Desert Safari

Quad Bike And Dune Buggy Rides

Camel Ride Dubai

Dune Buggy Package

Important Note :

  1. Our company has no liability for any damage caused to quad bikes or buggies while your quads session.
  2. No insurance coverage for using Dune Buggies & Quad Bike client should sign a disclaimer form /waiver before starting the tour

1 Seater Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy For 1 person in open desert high dunes of red sand desert

2 Seater Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy For two person in open desert high dunes of red sand desert

4 Seater Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy For four person in open desert high dunes of red sand desert

Can-am Maverick X3 Turbo

Fastest Dune Buggy For two person in open desert high dunes of red sand desert

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The most popular of all our safaris, ‘Evening Desert Safari‘ is the ideal way to enjoy the Dubai desert. Along with all the options of a desert safari

Leave the Rest, Go For the Best Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Life is about exploring. The best explorer is the one who seeks to find self. The only way to find yourself is by getting lost. Get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of Dubai, once an Emirati metropolis, now has emerged to become the most happening place on this planet. Embrace the adventurer in you and confide in our unmatched and exquisite Desert Safari Dubai deals and make your wanderings memorable so as to cherish them for a long time to come. Our team of dedicated agents receives hundreds of emails and phone calls from adventure-loving people who are in search of the best desert safari dubai deals. Our customer service works day in and day out to provide the best set of services to the fun-seeking community from around the world consistently. We would love to say that our Desert safari offers comprise the best desert safari packages especially customized and tailored for travelers and guests arriving from all parts of the world.

Morning Dubai Safari- Let’s Shine and Breath with Wild Air

Dubai has a lot of places to visit for the vacationers, each better than the other. This makes it difficult for the vacationers to decide as to which place or activity to visit/pursue first. However, one activity which is popular among all and sundry is the Morning Dubai Safari. We strongly recommend all our visitors to experience the Morning Dubai Safari, because the morning sun in the desert has awe-inspiring grandeur; else their Dubai tour is incomplete. Upon reaching the desert in the morning, thrilling activities like sandboarding, dune bashing, quad biking, and camel riding are waiting for you to captivate and enchant you. The fun does not end here. After enjoying all these activities, a traditional Arabic buffet is arranged in Bedouin like camps that gives you an essence of pure Arabic flavor. After stimulating your taste buds, experience the pleasure of sipping hot Arabian beverage. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and put on your sun-screens as our guide comes to pick you up from the location you’re residing at. The luxurious land cruisers take you to the desert as you enjoy the ride along with some good music and scenic views of Dubai. There is a variety of activities in Dubai desert safari to choose from, including social or cultural entertainment, exploring history, nature-based pursuits like hunting, camping and fishing, etc. We will guide you on how to make the most of your individual / group tours. The sand, dunes, the mesmerizing morning and the charming evening views are the trademarks of the Arabian culture and tradition with plenty of mind-boggling activities to soothe your soul. These sensations of joy will always remain in your memories.

Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Dubai Desert Safari Tours are all about entertainment and hospitality. Experiencing the pure Arabian culture & traditions inculcates great exposure in one’s personality and broadens the vision greatly. Dubai Desert Safari Tours are designed particularly for such voyagers who love to learn and explore.

Dune Bashing

Out of many activities, most visitors find Dune Bashing to be the most enthralling show that Dubai has to offer. Experience a unique roller coaster ride by driving through the rugged terrain of the desert. Seated in sturdy yet comfortable SUVs, the ride shall become momentous for the tourists. Our drivers ensure your safety & pleasure throughout the ride.

Sand Surfing

Sand surfing is not as common as snowboarding. The smooth sandy dunes present you with a fantastically fine surface to surf on. After Dune Bashing, the youngsters, especially the teenagers and thrill seekers love sand surfing. The adventurers can practice more control because of the wider and shallower turns while surfing the sand as compared to snowboarding.

Quad Bike Safari

People, who have a bigger appetite for adventure and want some adrenaline rush, can satiate their thirst by experiencing dune buggy or quad bike ride. Quad bikes are the four-wheel vehicles that can be conveniently driven by the tourists. Unlike conventional two-wheeler motorbike, one does not need to practice all day long on the Quad bike. With little practice, one can safely drive the Quad bike in the desert. Additionally, being the all-terrain vehicle, it runs in the desert with great ease. For a novel experience, one must opt to drive the Quad bike with family and friends. The best thing about Quad bike is that kids can also safely ride it with the adults. Moreover, our trained guides are also present for the safety and protection of everyone.

Camel Safari Rides

Camel has been an emblem of Arab tradition for ages, and camel riding has always attracted international tourists. Camels are still used to transport heavy loads and also to travel by the Bedouins in the desert. Keeping the same in view, the Desert Safari Rides has added Camel Safari Ride in the package. Known as the ships of the desert, the Camel Safari Ride beautifies and makes the overall desert safari tour more enjoyable. If you are an animal lover, you definitely know that an Arabian horse is known for its speed and strength. We also bring a spectacular offer of riding the tamed and well-trained Arabian horses in the desert.

Evening Desert Safari

As the sun approaches twilight, it starts wrapping up its light and prepares to set behind the beautiful sand dunes. The harsh temperature of the warm desert starts falling to a milder degree. This is a magical moment, in which the desert exhibits and displays its exuberant beauty. Evening Desert Safari has its own charm to behold, which is why the tourists especially seek to book those magical moments of the desert evening. Upon arrival at the camps, the tourists are warmly welcomed and presented with Arabian tea/coffee and delicious dates. The Bedouin campsite itself is an epitome of beauty with an impressive ambiance, comprising soft cushions for comfortable sitting, low tables for serving the delicacies, and the beautifully woven Arabian carpets. You can choose to go for Camel Safari Ride and Sand Surfing in the meantime. Snacks and soft drinks precede the sumptuous dinner buffet. Dinner includes the main course, barbecue, a variety of salads, and dessert. The beautiful Evening Desert Safari approaches its climax with a start of stunning performances by exotic belly dancers, traditionally amazing Tanoura dancers, and spell-binding fire dancers.

Progress & Diversification of the United Arab Emirates

Back in the 80’s, UAE was nothing more than a desert cum Bedouin village. The local population used to live a simple life. The then rulers of UAE decided to match the pace and join the other regions of the world. They took a humble, but consistent start, and started building the necessary ties with the neighboring states. Trade was largely promoted by the rulers while enhancing their own infrastructure. People were invited from around the globe with specialized skill sets in order to bring betterment to their organizational setups. Today, the UAE is far more advance and modernized than many European nations because of the inducted talent and their determination to put the Emirates on the road to progress. Dubai is especially considered to be the capital city of the world where multicultural social orders can be observed and diverse ethnicities from around the globe are settled for employment purposes. The booming trade can be witnessed by the thriving seaport. From the tourism industry to the aviation industry, businesses are booming, and they have set an example for other nations to follow. Such a rich workforce diversification is seldom found anywhere.

Desert Safari Dubai – A Trip to Cherish

We are second to none in providing the best Desert Safari Deals in UAE. Our competitive rates and consistently unmatched customer services are trademarks of our success. We vow to rise up the spiral of growth and keep improving and improvising our packages, making them more attractive for our customers at the best rates in the industry. You may contact our helpline for guidance, our customer service agents will ensure to tailor a customized package especially for you. For detailed offers and packages, please visit our website and choose the best available package for yourself. Camel Safari Rides can be enjoyed for only AED 249 per person. Quad Bike Safari can be enjoyed as per your choice as below:

  • 25-minute ride – AED 150 per person –
  • 1 hour ride – AED 350 per person –

We assure you the value for each penny you pay, regardless of the number of vacationers/tourists opting for our attractive packages.

The Best Dubai Desert Safari Tours at Far Better Prices

We are delighted to inform our tourists that our attractive packages are now available for everyone at reduced charges. We strive to introduce unbeatable prices and unmatched services at the disposal of our tourists. Now you can avail of the special Evening Safari package in just AED 50, and you also have the option of customizing the selected packages as per your convenience and comfort. We remain unparalleled in ensuring your safety at all times because we are well aware that the COVID 19 crisis could still be at large. So we have made all the preparations proactively in keeping all our facilities completely hygienic. We offer many activities in our complete packages, which will surely suffice your appetite for adventure. Moreover, if you want to add or subtract anything for your convenience, we can make that possible too. Our most loved feature especially by families is the photo booth, where the vacationers get the opportunity to dress up in conventional Arabian attires, making the overall trip more exclusive and cherish able for a long time to come. Be it a Jubbah for male tourists or Abaya for female tourists, they have their own special feel to behold and nurture in the memories. Likewise, the ladies can apply various designs of henna from the henna stalls to get the beautiful green / brown patterns of the traditional Arabian makeover, which is also included in the package. We Aim High to Achieve Excellence By Offering Unparalleled Dubai Safari Tours Our reduced rates have enhanced competition in the service industry by introducing impressive deals that are designed to cater the needs of all adventure-seeking tourists. The quality of our services is still kept at par as we strive to be on the top of the list of Dubai Desert Safari Tours. The price of Dubai desert safari against the facilities being offered is definitely worth every penny that you pay.

Desert Safari Rides Checklist:

As exciting and adrenaline-pumping dune bashing may sound, the vacationers can keep the tiny bits of discomfort at bay by ensuring to read and follow the below tips before you step on the 4X4S.

  1. Wear sunglasses, apply sunscreen and hats or caps that will protect you from harsh sun rays, as the desert is usually hot during the day
  2. Take a warm outfit because the temperature drops in the evening in the desert
  3. Take your camera along so that you do not miss the opportunity to capture the beautiful and captivating desert beauty
  4. Eat light lunch for optimum sugar level as the dune bashing is bumpy, it may make you nauseous if you are starving before the ride
  5. All the drivers are experienced, in case if you are experiencing this unique type of driving for the first time, you do not need to worry at all
  6. Senior Citizens (especially with heart conditions), pregnant women, people with back problems, and infants are not recommended for desert safari tours
  7. Do not forget to take a pain reliever if you have joint pain, knee pain, or migraine